Benjamin Draperies offers a wide variety of styles of shades for various functions that changes the look and feel of a room or office. We have shades that provide UV protection, reduce glare, are energy-efficient or can black out most light. The shades come in different designs, fabrics and lifting systems.

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Cellular Shades

Indoor Dual Cellular Shades Installed by Benjamin Draperies


Cellular Shades insulate your windows to lower energy bill year-round; look can be customized by selecting from different cell sizes, opacity levels and a wide variety of fabrics and colors

Solar Shades

Outdoor solar shades installed by Benjamin Draperies


Solar Shades are ideal choice for maintaining an exterior view while keeping heat out and coolness within; available in a wide range of openness to bring in just the level of light you want, and they protect valuable furnishings and interior surfaces from harmful UV rays; preferred in office and commercial environments.

Roman Shades

Indoor Roman Shades


Roman Shades are offered in luxurious fabrics and soft folds give this style of shades an elegant and decorative look, with the added benefit of enhanced child safety; offered in sheer, semi-opaque and room-darkening fabrics and selection of fold sizes help you create warm, inviting, beautiful windows.

Sliding Panels

Sliding Panel shades covering tall windows in a living room


Sliding Panels are used to cover wide windows and patio doors; the materials utilized coordinate very well with roller, solar and natural shades; a creative selection for room dividers and closet doors; an elegant and functional solution with a modern look

Roller Shades

Close up of roller shades


Roller Shades easy to operate and affordable; available in broad selection of colors and fabrics; choose from a variety of opacity levels and a range of control options

Woven/Natural Shades

Woven shades rolled up halfway on multiple windows in a living room


Woven/Natural Shades are crafted from renewable resources such as bamboo, jute, reeds and grasses to bring casual or exotic style to any room; provides a warm and organic look to the room; these shades can be lined for privacy or light control.

Sheer-Shading Shades

Sheer0Shading shades on each side of a window


Sheer-Shading Shades are the perfect combination of shades, blinds and shutters to control natural lighting from the outside with varying degrees of privacy; closed they provide privacy and a soft glow; opened they provide a soft view while maintaining UV protection; ideal for formal settings and master bedrooms.

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